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This is where the big trades happen. Corporates that own restaurant chains, a chain of supermarkets, or even office canteens always prefer to get their ingredients in bulk. And when you’re buying in bulk, you want the best quality at the most reasonable pricing. Our specialty is being able to deal with large-scale orders that fulfill any reasonable demand.


This is how we make sure our fruits and veggies can make it to the table. A lot of stores and supermarkets carry our produce. But what most people probably don’t know is that a lot of family-owned local stores also have their produce delivered by one of our outlets. Our logistics and planning division is constantly on the job to make sure there are minimal delays between deliveries.


Of course, every cook wants only the finest ingredients. And so that’s what leads many restaurants, canteens, and mess halls to get their fruits and vegetables on a daily basis from our outlets in bulk.


This is where the magic happens. Here is where we create our own stores across multiple regions so our customers will have the option to shop for the finest produce right from the source! The key is to make sure that every ingredient is sent to a nearby store within half a day of picking/harvesting it. Looking for wholesale fresh vegetable suppliers near you?


This has been a big hit in recent times. It’s much safer for everyone if the produce is handled with the highest safety standards in mind before being door-delivered. A few touches on our app will have fruits and vegetables delivered within just a couple hours. This is an essential service we take very seriously. So, all efforts are put into maintaining safety and freshness until each delivery is complete. We also have provisions that allow for the sale of wholesale fruits and vegetables online!


Our produce is quite popular overseas due to its quality. Many European countries import our produce, as well as countries like Canada, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, and a few others. International importers tend to buy in bulk, so our production network has to be active at all times as international fruit and veg suppliers.



There may be many markets online and supermarkets in the cities, but they aren’t the only markets that need good quality fruits and vegetables. Many vendors in roadside stalls and in community market locations also require good products. To this end, we have begun to provide Pushcarts and organizing vendors into groups. Each vendor will receive their share of the profits at the end of each day. We encourage them to sell wholesale as well, we have quite a few tomato wholesale dealers who prefer to sell tomatoes wholesale.


This is where we sell all of our leftover stock (if any) at reasonable prices. Wholesale dealers are required to pay on the spot and can provide their own means of transport for the goods once the sale has been completed, making such transactions excellent for buying in bulk. So if you’re searching for things like “Wholesale vegetables near me” or something like “Potato Wholesale Price”, then you should definitely come find us in koyambedu market, or just call us and tell us you need to buy wholesale fruits and vegetables. We take it upon ourselves to maintain fair wholesale vegetable prices.