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Today's Onion Rate

1 kg Rs 23

Every Onion harvester knows that prices tend to go up when onions are not in season. However, onions are the base for nearly all forms of Indian cuisine, so their demand does not reduce. Many Onion Dealers, Onion sellers, tend to buy onions at wholesale price from an onion wholesale dealer and opt for dry onion storage in rent. It is then sold at higher prices later when the season ends to Onion buyers. It could also be processed and sold to onion powder buyers.

The truth is, this is actually an excellent onion investment. We buy onions in bulk when they are cheap due to the season, and then place them in storage until a time when the prices go up in the latter half of the year. This is done buy placing them in dry storage which preserves the onions in pristine condition for a few months until they can be sold. We encourage investors for this process so we can buy and store a greater number of onions that can then be sold at higher (but still reasonable) prices! The investment scheme is short term, and yields high rewards.

This will also solve the onion shortage that plagues families every month as well. No longer will people need to resort to becoming dehydrated onion buyers when they can just search “Onion Potato Wholesalers Near Me” and find wholesale onions from our storage! Invest and earn your share of the profits as we buy low and sell high (but still at a reasonable for consistent sales).

The investment period for this year will last up to July 30th, so we urge anyone who is still on the fence to contact us if they wish to find out more. We have begun to prepare more dry storage centers for the net year. We have already completed phase 1 of our project, where 500 tons have been stored safely in Pollachi, awaiting the end of the season.

If you’re looking for a high-yield investment that also happens to be short term, then invest in your farmer-friendly vegetable wholesaler.